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solicitors! [Mar. 24th, 2007|04:29 pm]
Capital University


so... it's been a while. anyone remember me? anyway, i graduated in '05 and am friends w/ the creator of this community. ah hah!

i just moved from my apartment to a new one around the corner from where i originally lived. a couple of days ago i get a call from ohio and of course, it's those damn telemarketers from school! "hi, my name's cindy and i'm a nursing student, blah blah blah." cindy (although that's not really her name because... i didn't care to remember) wanted to tell me ALLLLL about the new changes at capital! (*yay*) i informed her that my friend ashley (aka puremissbliss) had alreay informed me of the new wonderful luxuries you spoiled-ass kids get to enjoy!  lol!  well i'll have you know that back in MY day we had to walk across a STREET to get to our classes and we lived in mostly non airconditioned dorm rooms which we had to SHARE with someone else!  and 22 people got to use one bathroom where there were 5 toilets (in what's called 'stalls') and 3-4 showers that either freeze you or scald the skin on your back!  we didn't have a refrigerator in our dorm rooms and we didn't have a goddamned elevator to aide us is lugging up our 2 carloads of personal belongings!

and the bitch asked me for a donation!  i reminded her that 1) i had JUST MOVED and that kinda takes your checking account to an all-time low when you have to pay what's called a deposit and first months rent in advance, plus the general expense of just MOVING, i.e. buying more shit for your apartment that you didn't know you'd need (like curtains for your windows because none of the curtains you already had fit your new windows and no one wants a pervert looking in to their place).  2) i didn't have all that crap when i was in school and it's not like we're talking about a difference of more than 2 years here!  my story doesn't start out with "back in my day you had to walk uphill in the snow.... both ways."  it does start out similarly, but c'mon!

"well even a small amount of $10 would help."

"it would help my account too, since i have $25 right now.  ciao."

so to all the newbies, congrats on living "the easy life."  you'll love capital in your beginning years and hate the little things about it when you're a senior.  some things never change (like the I.T. department?!?)  i do miss school though, and wish i could come back.  i loved it there.  this was mainly for the upper classes....  hope you enjoyed my rant!  i miss you guys!

~ sarah hallock